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Created a new Genre in Social Gaming. Our top-rated Escape Concept is the winner on Tripadvisor’s #1 Social Experience in Oman.

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Our Concept


Xcape is an exciting yet challenging live escape game and treasure hunt that has been perfectly designed for groups of people. Players get in a themed adventure and must put together the hidden clues they find to overcome various puzzles they encounter in order to complete or end there adventure before the timer hits 0!


Our Future


Xcape’s mission is to become the arabic’s leading innovative producer and provider in the interactive gaming industry. Xcape aims to accomplish this through engaging all 5 senses with the experiences they provide which in turn lead to absolute involuntary moments of “wow� that bring back childhood joys through technology and human interactions.


Our History


Xcape Muscat was opened by HE Mohammed bin Salim Al Tubi, 
Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs on February 1, 2017. We revitalised the concept of live escape games by bringing them out of a worn and torn basement and transforming it into a local acceptable high street experience, thereby making them the pioneer in raising the quality of escape games and adventures.

Now that the industry is well known and adjusted to the new standards, we have decided to raise the bar once again to stay ahead of the competition. we offer to become the very first live escape and adventures game to franchise, it will allowing us to expand our reach to various cities around the arab world.

As of 2019 Xcape will introduce the next generation of live entertainment which allows augmentied reality and multiple play modes. By masterfully merging the online and offline world, Xcape has opened up a range of fresh and amazing possibilities not just for the players but operators alike. 



Xcape Partnership


We seek experienced, long-term business partners, who serve as an amazing host for our unique entertainment solution. Our 21st century products require genuine entrepreneur partners with smart business thinking.


Operational Support


Besides our stellar product and customer service, we provide continuous full lifecycle support from opening to the everyday operations, hand in hand with marketing, IT support & continuous product upgrades.


Smart IT


What Xcape provides, is a unique, high-tech interactive full-featured programmable simulator. We provide continuous IT support, free software upgrades, game flow modifications, possible game & usage shortcuts. Our system is able to fulfil regular health checks and enables an adaptive game management system while ensuring unique entertainment.


Continuous Game Development


Xcape provides continuous software & new game development. We do not sell rooms or adventures only, and leave you alone with your business, we provide a long-term cooperation. As a result Xcape ensures continuous hardware + software support, more missions and FREE upgrades.


Standard Brand Elements


We are not a home-made or copycat story under a different name. Xcape is a well-known brand name already have a proven booking record in Sultante Of Oman. Our unique game experience & standard quality is ensured by regular knowledge sharing. All Xcape element is clearly described in the Xcape Brandbook which ensures high-level game and standard process quality worldwide.


Central manufacturing


All new game concepts are designed and built by our HQ in Muscat, Oman, and are supported by the in-house R&D team. We provide a standard room manufacturing solution with continuous lifecycle supply of spare parts.


10K smiles / year


The beauty of opening a Xcape unit is that you help with spreading the childlike wonder people seem to lose somehow in the rushing 21st century. Thousands of raving reviews cannot lie. Player feedback ensures your long-term success by the different game experience of Xcape smart rooms compared to traditional copycats.


Margin-pleaser features


Our recent developments are not just built with a player’s mind, but with a strong business mindset as well. The new adventures come with multiple game modes, lower maintenance needs, free software updates, all in a high quality, standardised pro package. Our intelligent game rooms enable a more lean operation with less staffing expenses. Our business plan ensures early break-even and long harvest period for our partners.


We are more than happy to help you with making your decision.

For even more information about franchising our products and services, partnership or joint venture, please contact our office:

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