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Xcape Treasure Hunt is an immersive and physical gaming experience, in which teams need to combine individual observation skills to locate points, solve puzzles, riddles and augmented reality elements inside buildings and outdoors. Likely you have seen tons of save the earth from evil forces and or solve the mystery. Xcape Treasure Hunt is your chance to adventure into the hidden world around you. Our technology allows us to create technology scavenger hunt intereactive games that will challenge you to look more closely to the details of certain areas to solve tricky riddles and puzzles. Here is how it works: Your team receives an iPad, action pack, blue tooth speaker and orientation on how to play one of the two game platforms available (Magic Portal or Operation MindFall). Your team will need to follow the map locating GPS positioned crystals (15 per game), this is the tour portion of the game. It takes quick thinking, determination and a sense or urgency to win and rank above past teams on the scoreboard. From the moment your team hits start; you will be taken away from your daily stresses on a mission to save mankind.
Each session is suitable for 5 people so in order to play with 10 players or more, you will need to book more than sessions in a row. Leave us a comment in your reservation stating that you would like to start together.
Each game is designed (Default) for 120 minutes of intense fun! Plan to spend 5 minutes prior to each game preparing with a briefing of your mission, 10 minutes as the starts to get the hang of the augmented reality and after each game 10 minutes to analyze your team score and take photos.
* Games can also be designed to last for 30 minutes up to 3 hours.
An escape game is a real-life experience where participants are locked in a room and must use elements of the room, the group’s collective knowledge, and wits to discover clues, solve puzzles, and escape and/or find the missing item within a set amount of time.
Yes, we strongly recommend booking a reservation at
Absolutely! We love hosting large parties and corporate events. We are capable of designing and facilitating for groups of 20 up to 10,000 concurrently. You can reach us at 24691010 or
We recommend our games for ages 10 and up. We do allow younger players, but some of the game content may be too difficult for them. An adult, 18 or older, must participate with anyone that is 13 and under. Also, any participants under the age of 18 will need an adult to sign their waiver.