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Welcome to Xcape Muscat

Today there are two types of people on Earth:
The ones who rave about mind-bending live escape games adventures and the ones who have never heard of them. Gradually the first group is eating the second one. Alive. Literally.

Xcape is all about adventure. It is about impressions, an opportunity to try something you have never done before and experience another reality. This is something people lack in their everyday lives: routine meetings at the office are a far cry from the meetings of knights at the Round Table, and youre not likely to meet any dwarfs or trolls at marbled subway stations. Of course, even the daily routine can be exciting and full of emotions, but who would refuse to become the sherlock holmes of crime scene, to solve and find the killer, At least for an hour. This is whats hidden behind the door of each Xcapes rooms or adventures: a memorable adventure. With our help, youll find yourself in a haunted house, or in the omani national museum, or a special agents to save the world There are lots of options for you to choose. Whether youll step out as a winner, depends on your quick wit and inventiveness.

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